Getting to our villa in Bela Sulu is an adventure in itself, but we assure you
that the journey is well worth it!


  • Take a flight to Padang (Minangkabau International Airport)
  • A driver will be waiting for you and bring you to your hotel in Padang
  • Spend 1 night in Padang *
  • The driver will come pick you up again and bring you to the ferry harbour / make sure you arrive at least 45 mins before departure to collect your ferry tickets
  • Take the Mentawai Fast Ferry (see schedule) to Tuapejat
  • Once you arrive in Tuapejat, our 230-hp speedboat will be waiting for you to take you to our villa
* Please note that there are no flights connecting with the ferry, therefore you will need to spend one night in Padang before departing for Bela Sulu (the same goes for the return). We can recommend some great hotels in Padang if needed.

We will take care of all the travel from the airport shuttle to your hotel in Padang, ferry tickets, surfboard tickets, speedboat transfer to the villa and the same for the return. So you can travel stress-free from the moment you land in Padang. 


ARRIVAL - From Padang to Tuapejat
  • Mon, Wed, Friday at 7.00 am
  • On Sundays at 10.00 am
You would be arriving approx. at 12.30 pm at the villa
DEPART - From Tuapejat to Padang
  • Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday at 3.00 pm
Arriving at 6.30 pm in Padang
  • $160 per person - one way
  • $320 per person - round trip
Package includes: ferry tickets, surfboards tickets (if you are travelling with boards) & speedboat transfer

How long does it take to travel with the ferry?

The ferry ride takes approximately
3.30 hours and is a comfortable ride with air conditioning.

And how about with the speedboat from Tuapejat to Bela Sulu?

The speedboat takes about 1.30 hours, but please bear in mind for the weather conditions.

Which hotel do you recommend on staying in Padang?

We understand that the journey can be long, but we assure you that the stunning natural beauty of the Mentawai Islands and the comfort of our villa will make it all worth it.
We can't wait to welcome you to our piece of paradise!