Before making a booking payment you must read, understand, and agree to our terms and conditions before booking. If in doubt, or if you have any questions, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to clarify anything for you.
Our Standard Booking Policy
1.) Booking, payment & deposit:
  • We require a 30% deposit of the total package trip price & the rest of the balance 60 days before your check-in date.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • If your check-in date is within 60 days we require the full payment. 
  • Payment for your holiday including all money due must be paid to Bela Sulu Villas (BSV) no later than 60 days before commencement. We will notify you by email one week before this due date, giving you one week for the remaining balance payment to be made. Upon failure of balance payment to be made within this period BSV reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled and the client shall be deemed to have forfeited any deposited money paid.
  • Payments may be paid via bank transfer or credit card.
  • All wire transfers processing fees & bank charges must be paid by the sender.
2.) Rescheduling fees:
If you wish to reschedule you must contact us as soon as possible. 
  • If a request to reschedule your booking is made more than 60 days before Commencement, no rescheduling fee shall apply.
  • If a request is made to reschedule less than 60 days before Commencement, a rescheduling fee equal to 25% of the paid deposit (30% of the total booking cost) shall apply.
  • If a request is made to reschedule less than 30 days before Commencement, a rescheduling fee equal to 50% of the deposit shall apply.
  • If initial booking was paid in full, the rescheduling fee will be calculated from 30% of the full payment.
  • You may reschedule your booking only once, and your new dates must be within one year of your original booking.
  • Bookings cannot be rescheduled 10 days or less before commencement.
  • If we do not hear back from you about rescheduling your booking and the one year allowance has passed (since your initial booking), your credit will be forfeited.
3.) Cancellation policy
All booking payments made to BSV are non-refundable but may be used as credit towards a future trip (within one year from the date of receipt). If a trip is cancelled for reasons outside of the control of BSV, for example, due to the occurrence of a natural disaster, travel ban, an act of terrorism, civil unrest, an act of fraud, or any other act or occurrence causing legal incapacity of BSV to deliver on its part, then BSV will endeavour to reschedule your booking to such time that BSV can deliver, and the Client accepts this potential disruption and shall not hold BSV liable in any way. In extreme circumstances where BSV may ultimately be unable to deliver its services, then the Client accepts this risk and shall not be entitled to seek compensation in such a situation occurring. No refunds shall be payable if you fail to arrive at the transport link at the agreed time and date provided, or if you voluntarily leave a trip for any reason after the trip has begun or if you cannot fulfil your planned trip and/or activities due to injury or illness. No refunds will be payable for any accommodation, transport, activity, meals or services not utilised. Travel insurance is compulsory for all visitors to cover unforeseeable circumstances such as injury, illness, family emergency, flight cancellations, etc (see Clause 4).

There will be no refunds or specific refunds given for early departure from designated charter, bad weather conditions, poor surf, sudden injuries, COVID-19-related issues, or any other reason that may cause you not allowing you to be able to attend the trip.

BSV cannot be held liable for any incidental costs injured by you due to your cancellation or to our cancellation. In such an occurrence, you will have to contact your Travel insurance.

BSV cannot be held liable for any insurance claim denied of an “Act of Gods” or case of “Force Majeure” (virus, earthquake, tsunamis, wars, strikes, etc…).
4.) Travel insurance
All guests are required to purchase travel insurance to travel to Bela Sulu Villas for your safety. We advise getting travel insurance that covers cancellation and interruptions, travel delay, baggage delay, theft or damage, emergency medical & dental, emergency, medical transport and evacuation, and travel accident insurance. You can never know what might happen to you. During a surf session, flight delays, COVID-19 related or personal health.
We recommend the below travel insurance:
BSV accepts no responsibility for any or all of the above regardless of the traveller’s decision to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance is mandatory and we require you to forward us the documents or policy number before arrival. BSV will not be held responsible for injuries, illness, health, loss, damage, accident, delay, cost, expense, or inconvenience arising from travel misfortunes beyond our control or from involvement in any activities or provision of any services. Guests participate in activities & use services at BSV at their own risk.
5.) Documents
  • Visa On Arrival (VOA) is now available again for many countries.
  • To enter Mentawai you are required to show proof of your vaccination certificate. Bela Sulu Villas will not be held responsible due to sudden regulation changes that are out of our control. Each traveller is responsible for their own required documents to travel.
  • Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from departure and are mandatory for UK & European citizens when travelling to all foreign countries.
  • All persons travelling abroad must be responsible for their own visas in countries requiring entry visas.
6.) Drugs
Please do not bring any illegal drugs into Indonesia or to Bela Sulu Villas. If we find out that you do, we have the right to remove you from our property. If there are any doubts that you possess anything illegal, we have the right to remove the object from you and/or report you to the authorities. Please check your belongings for any drugs that are not allowed in Indonesia before departing your country.

Possession, trafficking, and manufacture of any illegal drugs are serious offences in Indonesia. The Indonesian authorities have a zero-tolerance policy and those caught face lengthy prison sentences or the death penalty!
1.) Airlines
  • All airline tickets are the responsibility of the traveller. Before purchasing your airline ticket, it is recommended that you have Travel insurance to cover potential airline ticket cancellations and that you book tickets that are changeable or refundable.
  • Bela Sulu Villas is not responsible for airline board fees or baggage policies. BSV will not be held responsible for late arrival or non-arrival of surfboards/surfboard bags or any other luggage.
  • Most airlines charge excess baggage fees for surfboards. Some airlines have excess and oversized baggage embargos during select times of the year to select countries. Some aircraft types do not accept surfboards at all or only accept surfboards within the required dimensions. Please ensure that you have booked your travel on a surf-friendly airline. If you book your tickets online, you do so at your own risk, and BSV accepts no responsibility for the failure of surfboards to arrive at your destination and such an outcome will have no bearing on BSV cancellation policies.
2.) Boat transfers
Bela Sulu Villas will not be held responsible for sudden ferry schedule changes, due to public holidays (that haven’t already been advised in advance), bad weather, broken engine, loss, damage, etc. See public holidays below. These are the dates the ferry is not running.
2024 Public Holidays:
  • New Year – 1st January 2024
  • Idul Fitri (Ramadan holiday) – 10th - 15th April 2024
  • Ascension of Jesus Christ – 10th May 2024
  • Indonesian Labour Day – 1st May 2024
  • Idul Adha – 18th June 2024
  • Islamic New Year – 7th July 2024
  • Independence Day - 17th Aug 2024
  • Christmas – 25th December 2024
2025 Public Holidays – To be Advised!
If the ferry company decides to change its schedule last minute, Bela Sulu Villas accepts no responsibility for their actions, as this would be out of our control.
3.) Dispute
The laws of Indonesia govern these terms and conditions and any disputes or issues must be settled in the judicial system within Indonesian courts in Indonesia.